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Dr. (Ms) Shailaja Nair (Programme Officer)
Mr. Pankaj Kataria (Programme Officer)
Ms. Ujjwala Kurkute
Dr. Anil Singh
Mr. Krishnakumar Maurya
Dr. (Ms) Hetal Mehta
Dr. Ajay Gole
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Dr. Satish Ingle
Mr. Raju Lohot
Mr. Sachchidanand Singh
Dr. Mohd. Azam Akram Shaikh
Ms. Sonali Kulkarni
Ms. Monali Raut
  • An exuberant theatrical performance was held on the 27th of September 2022 on the very auspicious occasion of Rashtraprem Diwas. The event was organized by Indian Consumer Council in collaboration with Dinkar Smriti Nyas, Idea, and Nalanda Publication to commemorate two of India’s biggest youth icons- Swami Vivekananda and Shaheed Bhagat Singh.
  • A Pulse Polio Vaccination Campaign was set up at Nehru Nagar Health Post by the NSS Unit of SVKM's Mithibai College in collaboration with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. All the volunteers arrived at the training camp on 17th September 2022 by 2:00 pm and the atmosphere was full of excitement and enthusiasm. The training was comprehensive and the volunteers got a thorough knowledge of the Polio vaccines and how to handle them. They were taught about VVM, i.e, the vaccine vial monitor and the 4 stages of a vial's usability. The first two stages are safe to use, while the IIIrd and IVth stages are not supposed to be used. By 5:00 pm, the polio count was around 900-1000.
  • A beach cleaning event was organized by the NSS unit of Mithibai college in collaboration with the Coast Guard and 'My Green Society. The event took place on the Juhu beach. It was a one-day event that was held on 17th September 2022, Saturday. There were 60 students who cleaned the beach, collecting more than 10 bags of trash with 698 kg of trash collected by them. The wet waste was collected from the tidal region and the dry waste was collected from the sandy area. The organizers were very kind and generous to the volunteers who provided all the guidelines and material for clean-up.
  • An informative talk was organized by the NSS unit of Mithibai in collaboration with Animaux, a departmental fest conducted by the department of zoology on 13th September 2022. The core objective of this talk was to speak and further spread awareness about Coastal Clean-up Day. This talk was led by Mr. Vishal Vinod Tibrewala. He is a third-generation entrepreneur and MD of an MSME company, along with that he also is the founder of My Green Society NGO.
  • A beach cleaning event was organized by the NSS unit of Mithibai college in collaboration with Hindustan Unilever India. The event took place on the Juhu beach. It's a four-week event, the first of which was conducted on 21st August 2022.
  • NSS Unit of Mithibai College organized a series of events called “The Community Connect Challenge”, a civic program by the Blue Ribbon Movement with the aim to nurture active citizenship in young leaders to inspire civic action. Blue Ribbon Movement is a Mumbai-based youth-led movement that acts from a systematic understanding of issues. Through the CCC program, the Blue Ribbon Movement aims to educate the youth of Mumbai to understand the governance system of the city, and the constitutional rights and duties of the citizens while also connecting with like-minded passionate youth from around the city.
  • The NSS Unit of Mithibai College organized the Guru Purnima Celebration on the 13th of July to honor the teachers and express our gratitude to them. The volunteers reached the venue by 6:30 a.m., and all the preparations were done, which included decorating the main foyer and the staffroom.
  • A Blood donation camp was set up on 1st July 2022 at Andheri Railway station by the NSS Unit of Mithibai College in collaboration with Western Railways and Rotaract Club. By 5:00 pm the camp recorded a total number of 115 donors and ended successfully. It was an event of awareness, humanitarian services, and overall a very good bonding experience.
  • On the occasion of Yoga day, the NSS unit of Mithibai College in collaboration with the NCC unit and DLLE unit organized a yoga day practice camp for the students.
  • The volunteers gathered around 6:30 am and all the preparations were made. Later as the participants turned in around 7:30 am the event started. It commenced with a welcome speech for Dr. Pramila Sharma where she was also introduced to the crowd. She was welcomed with a Tulsi plant handed to her by honorable I/C Principal Dr. Krutika Desai. Various Asanas like Markat asana, Makrasan, and Bhujang asana were demonstrated and followed by the students doing it. All of this was followed by a peaceful meditation. A sum total of 42 volunteers practiced yoga today