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Dr. (Ms) Shailaja Nair (Programme Officer)
Mr. Pankaj Kataria (Programme Officer)
Ms. Ujjwala Kurkute
Dr. Anil Singh
Mr. Krishnakumar Maurya
Dr. (Ms) Hetal Mehta
Dr. Ajay Gole
Dr. (Ms) Manisha Chotrani
Dr. Satish Ingle
Mr. Raju Lohot
Mr. Sachchidanand Singh
Dr. Mohd. Azam Akram Shaikh
Ms. Sonali Kulkarni
Ms. Monali Raut
REPORT ON GURU PURNIMA EVENTDay and Date: Monday, 3rd July 2023
Time: 6am - 10:20 am
Number of volunteers: 35
Venue: Mithibai College

The Guru Purnima event held at Mithibai College was a memorable and joyous occasion dedicated to honoring and expressing gratitude to the teachers and gurus. The event took place on 3rd July 2023 and witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, staff, and volunteers. The day was marked by various activities and decorations that created a festive and appreciative atmosphere throughout the college.

Furthermore, the National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers showcased their talents by singing a Doha, a traditional form of poetry, dedicated to gurus and teachers. The soulful rendition resonated with the audience and added a touch of spirituality to the event.