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Economic Forum
The Mithibai Economic Forum (MEF) is a student forum founded in 2015 by a group of highly motivated students of the Commerce Faculty. With the unrelenting support from Commerce faculty members, the Mithibai Economic Forum was started by Mr. Adityapal Singh Jaggi, Mr. Ayush Jain, Mr. Khushagra Jhunjhunwala and Mr. Saurabh Aggarwal. The primary focus of the forum is to imbibe in students, economic awareness and knowledge. MEF believes that if students have adequate knowledge and information about the problems facing the world, they would be better equipped to resolve them.
Conclave -2022".

On March 3, 2022, Mithibai Economic Forum, a student body that comes within the purview of the Economics Department, organized its flagship event — Conclave 2022 — at Mukesh Patel Auditorium, NMIMS, from 10 am to 12:30 pm.
A Live Panel Discussion on the topic 'The Business Of Survival" that aimed at applauding the zeal and resilience of spirit and in resonance with the vibrant enthusiasm of rebuilding businesses and making students understand the challenges faced by prominent personalities from various industries what it was like to survive the pandemic with limited resources within a disrupted social environment, and sustaining the vision and strength to bounce back from the adverse situation.
The Panelists included:
1. Dr. Ramesh Bhat (Vice Chancellor of NMIMS),
2. Ms. Tanvee Gupta Jain (Chief India Economist at Union Bank of Switzerland),
3. Mr. Deven Choksey (MD at KRChoksey Shares and Securities),
4. Dr. Sunil Katkade (Chief Medical Director & Advisor at Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital
5. Shri Pratap J. Ashar Cardiac Centre), Mr. Himanshu Goenka (Founder at Muskurahat