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Mrs Karuna JaggiThis is to intimate one and all that the Mithibai College has an in – house Counsellor.

Students and Parents of

  • Degree College
  • Unaided College
  • Junior College
  • Teaching and Non-teaching staff
can avail of counselling facilities.

can be availed regarding  
  • Education  
  • Personal 
  • Family  
  • Stress 
  • Emotional  
  • Adjustment  
  • Behavioural and interpersonal relationship issues
Counseling Schedule


Mrs Karuna Jaggi

Counseling Schedule 
Monday-Friday(2 & 4 Saturdays). 09.30 a.m. to 16.30 p.m. Cabin No. 730, (Faculty area)
7th Floor old NMIMS, Mithibai Building 
Contact No. - 022 - 42335194

Dear students , Please note that the Counsellor shall be available in the college on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Students will be notified in case of any changed schedule. 

Do take appointment before coming to the college from the Counsellor. 
Counsellor is  available 24*7 on call otherwise.  
World Mental health day
  • Students Support Buddy Group of Mithibai College Counseling Cell Made students aware about the importance of mental health on  World Mental health day ...10 Oct 2022. It was supported by lots of posters  Positive messages that how important it is to communicate and share with near and dear ones around.   A poem was also written by one of the Buddy to express the same feelings.

            Aao, Baitho, Baatein Kare


    Apne hothon ko inn jazbaaton ka kaidkhanna kyu banate ho,

    Kuch haal hai, kuch aur hi dikhate ho,

    Aaina tak pechanta nahi, kisko dost bulaate ho

    Tum aao, baitho, baatein kare


    Yeh jo aankhon mein samundar hai, usko Aaj behne do

    Sile hai kuch sadiyon se, aaj labon ko bhi kuch kehne do

    Gairo se hota hoga parda, yaaron se bhala kyu khamoshi

    Gaam utarkar rakh do, thodi jholi mein bharlo bholi Khushi



    Akele ho ya ho adhure, puri baat batlado,

    Sune paade iss dil ko aaj kuch behlado

    Doston ke haath se haath ab aao milado

    Dukh, Dard, Kasht, Peeda inko aao halka sa sehlado


    Tum aao, baitho, baatein kare


    Dhwani Shah


Student Support Buddy Group of Mithibai college Counselling cell presented a Street play…..Fractured Mind. Followed by the dance with the theme…..Dance when you are stresssss,, to heal, on 28 Sept 2022 @ the college foyer @ 10.30 and Same  again @ 1.30 pm for the benefit of the students. Feedback from the students was very positive about the street play and the Dance. Large No. of participation by the students.

Dance Video Link      Street Play Link 1    Street Play Link 2

                                                 ?? Life Is Beautiful ??


Life is Beautiful. Live it completely.

Speed breakers will come…..Life movesssss  on.





We are so proud 

of who you are now

the things that hurt you once

don't hurt you anymore


and the demons of your past

that you couldn't even talk about

you can finally sit across them

without opening old scars


and you don't cry

you don't scream

you're not haunted by the horrible memories


you are whole

you have healed

you are finally everything you wanted to be


we know there's days when you can't breathe

there might be nights when you can't sleep

you still hear the demons sometimes in your dreams


but every day you wake up

and any day you can ask us

to remind you of how strong you are


healing seems hard

healing from this feels so tough

but we're all so proud of everything

you have become.


Asavari Khandagale

FYBSc Psychology 

All the students who registered with Student support buddy group on 8and 11 August during orientation can meet the counselor@7th floor cabin no 730 Mithibai college.
Dear Students!!

Student support Buddy group Welcome you all to the new academic year 2021-22. May this year bring lot of happiness and support in your student life!!

Well, We as Buddies extend our support and friendship to you all. You can approach us to share your thoughts in hour of need.
Stay safe
Stay blessed.

College Counsellor
Mrs. Karuna Jaggi