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Staff Colloquium
  • Introduction
  • Striking Features
  • Committee Members
  • Activities

Staff colloquium is a committee wherein invited lectures, deliberations, interactions on issues affecting general public from staff members or invited professionals are organized for the benefit of staff members.

  • To provide faculty members an opportunity to share their subject expertise or of interest to other staff and interact with the academic community.
  • To provide a forum for discussing and debating issues of common interest.
  • To encourage and inspire other faculty members to actively participate and present their views to others. The forum is intended to promote exchanges between senior and junior colleagues in a unique informal atmosphere.
Coming Soon..
The staff colloquium and welfare committee organised an event on 22nd July 2016. This was a talk by Dr. Goyal on Preventive cardiology. He spoke about mild heart attacks and preventive measures that can avoid angioplasts. 
Ms. Reshmi Varghese gave us an insight about burns and the procedure of skin grafting. They also enlightened us about skin donation peocedures. She was associated with the Inner wheel NGO. Ms. Meera spoke about the NGO and organ donation drive carried out by Rotract.  
The committee of the college will continue to plan such endeavours for the welfare of the staff.