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Research Committee
  • Introduction
  • Striking features
  • Committee Members
  • Research Guides
  • Publications
  • Activities
The research committee has made good progress during the academic  year 2012 – 2013.  The progress can be gauged by the fact that the staff and students of Mithibai College have made steady progress in various aspects of research such as in obtaining recognition as research guides, obtaining  research grants from various funding agencies, number of papers published /  presented,  awards, honours and distinctions, such as chairing technical session at conferences, citation of appreciation and many more.
The Committee has many striking features during the academic year such as

  • A number of staff members were successful in obtaining recognition as research guides of the Mumbai University for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree by research
  • A number of students have joined  for research  to obtain their M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degree under these guides.  They are subjected  to interview by the Principal, Chairperson, Subject Expert of College and  University before accepting them as students.
  • The staff of the college have aquited themselves with credit by obtaining research grants from various funding agencies  such as UGC (minor), Mumbai University, Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, and others.
  • A large number of staff members of various departments and research students of the college   have aquited themselves with credit at various national  and international conferences, meets, workshops etc. by winning recognition  for the quality of research work and presentation, in the form of  awards, honours, citations etc.  Some of the staff members are chairpersons of the various technical sessions at the conferences, chief guests at various research events at the inaugural  or valedictory functions.
  • A very rare and striking feature  of the research committee is the preparation of  a volume of research papers published and presented  called ‘Compendium’ which is placed in the library for ready availability  for staff and students of the college.  On the same note the committee has made it  mandatory for staff and students who have obtained M.Sc. and Ph.D. by Research  to submit a copy of their thesis to the library.
Committee Members 2016-17
1  Dr. Nupur Mehrotra (Convener)
2  Ms. Sonali Chatterjee
3  Dr. Krutika Desai
4  Dr. Anjali Patkar
5  Dr. Rency Thomas
6  Dr. Charu Bhurat
7  Dr. Khevana Desai





Dr. Wakchaure Suresh

Mumbai University


Dr. Neela Nair

Mumbai University


Dr. Parag Ajgaonkar

Mumbai University


Dr. Anjali Patkar

Mumbai University


Dr.Jayaprada Rao Chunri



Dr. Sashirekha Sureshkumar

Mumbai University


Dr. Meenakshi Vaidya

Mumbai University


Dr. Shailaja P. Nair

Mumbai University


Dr. D.V.Kamat

Mumbai University



Mumbai University


Dr. K.B.Desai

Mumbai University



Mumbai University


Mr. V.V.Dalvie

Mumbai University and JJT University



Mumbai University


Dr.Meghana Talpade

JJT University


Dr. Papiya Deb

Mumbai University and JJT University


Dr. Hitesh Shingadia

Mumbai University and JJT University



Number of papers






          14 (till August)

Research, Consultancy and Extension Committee             

 Research, consultancy and Extensions Committee organized a talk on “Writing a Research Proposal” for the teachers and students in three sessions. For the Commerce stream, Dr. Ajgaonkar, for Arts stream Prof Ms. Panna Mehta and Prof Ms. Vidya Premkumar delivered the talk. Dr. Turel conducted a session for Science stream.                              

Many teachers have submitted proposals for BCUD and also for Minor and Major research projects. Research Committee encouraged students to participate in Avishkar leading to a very warm response from undergraduate and postgraduate students. As many as 11 different groups of students from Undergraduate classes of Arts, Science and Commerce participated at the University Research Festival Avishkar. The talks arranged by the committee on research project selection and planning helped students to take up research projects and present at the festival. Research Meet and Science Exhibition -2015 was organized on 15th and 16th January 2015. Students and staff members presented their research as oral/ poster presentations. The participation was from both UG and PG students. The Science Exhibition on 16th January 2015 had models prepared by the undergraduate students. 

‘Manshodhan’ a novel research cum project presentation competition of all the colleges under the SVKM banner was initiated in the year 2010. It aimed at inculcating the spirit of research and presentation among the undergraduate students, post graduate students and staff. The event is divided into 4 categories 

  1. Science and Pharmacy
  2. Arts, Humanities and Law 
  3. Commerce and Management 
  4. Technology Engineering and Architect. The response from the staff and students was overwhelming with a record of 178 presentations being carried out in one day. It has now become an annual feature of the college.