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N.C.C. Committee Report,  2014 – 2015

Enrollment: N.C.C. Committee started its activities with enrolment drive in June, 2014.  Elegant charts, posters and power point presentation in the orientation  attracted the students and this year 18  new cadets are enrolled. 

Independence Day Celebration: Independence Day was celebrated with usual fervor and enthusiasm on 15th August, 2014.  A platoon of  27  cadets was commanded by S.U.O. Bhuval Sharma.  The National Flag was unfurled by our I/c. Principal, Dr. D. V. Kamat.  He also administered the Oath to the cadets.  Cultural items and adventurous activities  were presented by our cadets on Independence Day.  Prizes  were given by the Principal to our cadets.   The programme was attended by ex-cadets, students, parents and staff of our college. 

Training Camps Attended: Our cadets have attended following different training camps and adventurous activity camps all over India during this academic years. 

Name of Camp



No. of  Cadets


Special National Integration Camp (SNIC)

11 – 24 June, 2014



Mountainring Camp (Adventure Camp)

1 – 15 July, 2014



Annual Training Camp (ATC)

18 – 27 July, 2014



Annual Training Camp (ATC)

19 – 29 July, 2014



Annual Training Camp (ATC-TSC)

12 – 21 Oct. 2014



Army Attachment Camp (AAC)

1 – 15 Dec. 2014




1. One of our NCC Cadet J.U.O. Akshay Shukla got 1 Gold Medal  in Best Cadet and 2 Silver Medals in Overall Activity and Firing at Special NIC Camp held at Srinagar amongst 300 cadets from all over India.

2. One of our NCC Cadet S.U.O. Bhuval Sharma participated in Mountainring Camp held at Pehalgam,Srinagar and done the best in  four Adventure Activities, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing and Trekking 

Social Activities: 20 NCC Cadets had participated in Cancer Awareness Rally in November, 2014.

As usual every year our NCC Cadets had done social activities like Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Ganpati Emersion and Election Duty. 

ANO's Achievement: NCC Chairperson, Shri D. N. Kurkute has completed Associate NCC Officer’s Pre-Commission Course (PRCL/SD/157) at Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) Kamptee, Nagpur, Maharashtra from 22nd December, 2014 to 21st March, 2015 with Excellent (A) Grade and become Commissioned Officer of the Rank Lieutenant of 1 MAH ARMD SQTN NCC Unit, Mumbai.

Special Achievement: One of our Ex- NCC cadet  Pranav Bhatt has been selected in Indian Army as an Officer and taking a training from 6th April, 2015 in OTA,(Officer training Academy) Chennai.