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Luminescence (Biochemistry) 2017-18
In the words of Napoleon Hill ‘Starting power of all achievement is desire’ and to instill in our students this desire of creativity, the Department of Biochemistry, Mithibai College organized “LUMINESCENCE” our academic science intercollegiate. Luminescence took birth in 2006 and since its inception it has only grown by leaps and bounds!!! Luminescence which was initially only for undergraduate students, is now a much awaited event for our Junior college students as well who participate in big numbers. As John Addison said ‘You’ve got to win in your mind before you win in your life’ and we set our mind to win in our intercollegiate “Luminescence” which was organized this year on 3rd August 2017.
A theme is vital as it gives a fest an identity and “anchors” an otherwise disparate set of events. We, at Luminescence have always strived for social betterment by spreading awareness about various causes through our themes. Last year it was ‘Grey to Green’ and this year the theme was ‘Mind over Matter’.  Though it has been used in several context, what it mainly focuses on is the use of willpower to overcome physical hurdles.‘Mind Over Matter’ mainly signifies an affirmative, constructive and supportive approach towards obstacles. The day-long-festival included seven events viz. Fun-da-Mental! (Science Quiz), Loud and Clear! (Debate), Mind-Chef!! (Cooking), Shutters Up!! (Photography), Logo Lego (Logo remaking), Bend the Trend (Fashion Show), and Your Idea Matters!! (Entrepreneurship ideas).  
Winners never quit and quitters never win
With 252 participants from 23 colleges Luminescence 2017 was the GRANDEST Luminescence EVER!!!!
Luminescence could never have reached this height without the support of our parent body SVKM. The ‘wind beneath our wings’ is our main sponsor Shri. Aneelji Murarka, Mirachem Industries. Luminescence was also supported by Dhristi Center of Excellence and Ms Angeline Michael D’Souza. As over the years Luminescence boasts of financial support by our alumni, Mr. Hardik Shah, Mr. Sumir Pandi2t and Mr. Qais Lakhani.
The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. To sum up, our pursuit to ignite the spark of technical competitiveness and to provide a platform for the students to boost their confidence level and creativity was a huge success