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International Coastal Cleanup Day

20th September 2014 INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEAN UP DAY On this day many parts of coastal areas over the world clean up the beach .This is an annual activity organized by the Indian Coast Gaurds who with the help of various colleges, schools and NGOs get this massive clean up done. The campaign is mainly to make the participants aware of 

• Better living conditions and standards
• Conciousness of Cleaner environment
• Awareness of pollution hazards
• Effect on flora and Fauna
• Conservation of Beaches and Coasts

ICC 2015  International coastal cleanup day was organised on 19th September 2015.  90  students members of Nisarg Nature club and NSS from junior and degree colleges participated in the beach cleaning organised by the Indian Coast gaurds in Juhu beach along with various other colleges and schools. This activity was done to convey the message of conservation of the natural environment specially the coasts. Teachers also accompanied the students.  The garbage collected were sorted and listed.