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Mithibai College has always been conscious of its role as a premier institute of higher education in the country. Central to this mission is the assurance of the standards and quality of education imparted at the college. The Internal Quality Cell (IQAC) was set up on July, 2004 to develop and direct the quality assurance function to assess compliance with laws, regulations, institutional policies and procedures.

Tasks of the IQAC
Communicate information on academic standards and quality to enhance the teaching-learning process and underpin policy-making.
Develop specific, realistic recommendations for institutional improvement where warranted.
Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on the quality parameters.

List of members of IQAC

Mr. Sunandan Divatia                   Management Nominee

Mr. Nilesh Mohile                        Management Nominee

Dr. Rajpal Shripat  Hande              Principal, Chairperson

Dr. D. V. Kamat                           Vice-Principal and ex-officio member

Ms. Ramola Thangiah                   Vice-Principal and ex-officio member

Mr. Michael Vaz                               Vice-Principal and ex-officio member

Padmashree Prof. R.V. Hosur           Expert member- Renown scientist

Ms Ashwini Bhide                            Expert member- IAS (Expert in Administration)

Dr. Shailendra Deolankar                 Expert member, Joint Director  (Academician)

Captain Mihir Bhagwati                   Expert member, Industrialist

Dr. Meena Chintamaneni                  Pemanent  member advisor

Ms. Vaishali Samant                         Expert member, Alumnus

Mr. Vinayak  Dalvie                         Member, Advisor

Mr. Arjun Birajdar                           Member, Advisor

Dr. Geeta Narayan                        Member, Advisor

Dr. Nupur Mehrotra                         Coordinator

Dr. Krutika Desai                             Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Neela Nair                                  Member, Teaching staff

Mr. Prabhat Dwivedi                        Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Dipesh Upadhyay                       Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Sunita Maral                               Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Sara Khan                                   Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Anuya Warty                              Member, Teaching staff

Ms. Deeksha Chamola                     Member, Teaching staff

Ms. Archana Garate                         Member, Librarian

Ms. Bina Hemnani                           Member, Administrative Officer

Ms. Vidula Sawant                           Member,  Administrative Officer

Mr. Mohan Bedekar                         Member,  Administrative Officer

Ms. Aditi Prasoon Bhat                   Member, Student representative

Mr. Satvik Gupta                             Member, Student representative

Eminent members of society
Padmashree Prof. R.V. Hosur - Director, Center for Basic Sciences, University of Mumbai
Ms Ashwini Bhide  - Managing Director- Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (MMRC)
Captain Mihir Bhagwati - President Bombay Flying Club, Aviation Industry
Dr. Shailendra Deolankar - Joint Director, Mumbai region, Department of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra
Ms. Vaishali Samant- Alumni, Eminent Music composer and Singer

An offsite workshop on "Sustainable Quality Enhancement" was organised for the faculty at Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodini, Uttan, on 18th- 19th March 2016. The workshop was conceptualised by Prof. V.V. Dalvie, IQAC-Coordinator.
In the first session conducted on 18th, Principal Dr Rajpal Shripat Hande, gave an insight to the faculty on the procedural route to being an Autonomous college, Centre for Potential of excellence (CPE) as well as DBT star status college.
Session 2 was a "Kaizen" session, presided by the Principal and coordinated & facilitated by Prof. V.V. Dalvie. All members ventilated their feelings as well as grievances so as to help the institution achieve greater heights.
Thereafter, the faculty engaged itself in recreational activities.
On 19th March, a Management development program (MDP) was organised and Dr B.S Madhukar, advisor NAAC, Bengaluru, was invited. Dr Madhukar gave a detailed insight into the process of gaining autonomy . A healthy discussion was held thereafter with the faculty. At the Valedictory function certificates were distributed to participating faculty members and was coordinated by Dr. Nupur Mehrotra. Dr Mahesh Bhagwat and Prof. A.S. Birajdar put it lots of efforts to organise the workshop to perfection. The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. VV Dalvie, wherein he complimented the management of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, for excellent infrastructural campus conducive for academic deliberations and also thanked Dr. BS Madhukar, Principal and all the participating faculty of Mithibai college. The workshop was a great success and in will help the college develop and expand into new areas.