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Department of Psychology
  • Introduction
  • Staff members
  • Staff Achievements
  • Student Achievements
  • Objectives
  • Activities
The Department of Psychology was established in the academic year 1979-80. The department boasts of high quality teaching-learning experience, research and skill building through its regular curriculum, add-on courses and several co-curricular activities. The success rate of the students at the T.Y.B.A. final University examination has most of the time been 100%. Year after year, there have been rank holders at the T.Y.B.A. examinations at the University of Mumbai. Even at the examination our students have consistently scored high in the paper of Psychology of Human Behavior at Work.
The teachers have undertaken research projects sponsored by various institutes. Both students and teachers  actively participate in National and International Conferences/Seminars and also present papers. The students are also encouraged to conduct scientific research as part of their projects to develop analytical abilities. The department is committed to help the students explore the field of Psychology within and beyond the syllabus through classroom teaching, guest lectures, seminars, workshop by eminent Indian and foreign scholars / professionals in the field, screening of movies with discussion, field visits etc.

The papers offered by the department at the under-graduation include:


Introduction to Psychology (Paper I)


Social Psychology (Paper II)


Human Development (Paper III)


Stress Management (Applied Component)


Psychological Testing & Statistics (Paper IV)


Abnormal Psychology (Paper V)


Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Paper VI)


Cognitive Psychology (Paper VII)


Practicals in Cognitive Processes and Psychological Testing- Paper VIII


Counselling Psychology (Paper IX)

·         For T.Y.B.A.-Psychology (6 units-major) admissions, the students who have taken Psychology as one of their subjects at F.Y.B.A. and S. Y. B. A. are eligible to apply. Admission is based on previous academic records.

Papers offered by the department at post-graduation include:

M.A Sem I

Personality Psychology

Research Methodology for Psychology

Statistics for Psychology

Experimental Psychology (Practical)

M.A Sem II

Evolutionary Psychology

Intervention Systems in Psychology

Organizational Behaviour

Psychological Testing and Psychometrics (Practical)

M.A. Sem III

Multiculturalism: Theory and Practice

Competency and Assessment in Organization

Positive Psychology

Practicum in Industrial Psychology

M.A. Sem IV

Consumer Psychology

Human Resource Management

Organizational Development

Practicum in Industrial Psychology

The department also has a library exclusively for the students and the faculty of the department.
The extension activities of the department are of a varied nature. The department also contributes substantially for social cause by providing materials needed by students of special schools and text books to needy students. Our faculties also act as the members of the Psychology and Counseling Associations which organize activities for the students and staff of the college.
Considering the demand in the professional field and striving for a combination of pure and applied Psychology, the students are given practical training on the role of Psychologist in the industry by organizing visits to various organization and practice exercises on Job analysis, Performance Evaluation etc. The students are also motivated to appear for campus job placement interviews.
Degrees offered by the department include:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A)
  • Master of Arts in Psychology (M.A)
  • Mrs. Ramola ThangiahMrs. Ramola ThangiahHead of Department
    and Vice-Principal
  • Mrs. Keshmira PatelDr.(Mrs.) Keshmira PatelAssociate Professor
  • Ms. Suchitra Roy ChoudharyMs. Suchitra Roy ChoudharyAssistant Professor
  • Ms. Khushali Adhiya ShahMs. Khushali Adhiya-ShahAssistant Professor
  • Ms. Karen AlmeidaMs. Karen AlmeidaAssistant Professor
  • Mrs. Ramola ThangiahMrs. Ramola ThangiahHead of Department
    and Vice-Principal
  • Mrs. Keshmira PatelDr.(Mrs.) Keshmira PatelAssociate Professor
  • Ms. Suchitra Roy ChoudharyMs. Suchitra Roy ChoudharyAssistant Professor
  • Ms. Khushali Adhiya ShahMs. Khushali Adhiya-ShahAssistant Professor
  • Ms. Karen AlmeidaMs. Karen AlmeidaAssistant Professor

Ms. Ramola Thangiah

  • Mrs. Ramola Thangiah, and Ms. Suchitra RoyChowdhury attended the inaugural function of LIGHTHOUSE, a unit set by Jaslok hospital especially for the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the adolescents, at Taj Mahal Palace on the 11th of November, 2017.
  • Mrs. Ramola Thangiah participated in the one-day workshop on Online CAS organized by the IQAC of the college on 26 July, 2018. 
  • She also chaired one of the sessions of the workshop

Dr(Mrs.) Keshmira Patel

  • Dr.(Mrs.) Keshmira Patel has been awarded the Ph.D (Arts) degree in the subject of Psychology by the University of Mumbai. 
  • Dr.(Mrs.) Keshmira Patel was appointed as the Co-ordinator for the M.A. Psychology course at Mithibai College for the academic year 2017-18
  • Dr.(Mrs.) Keshmira Patel has been appointed as visiting faculty for M.A. Psychology course for the subjects: Human Resource Management & Organization Behavior from July, 2017

Ms. Suchitra RoyChowdhury

  • Ms. Suchitra Roy Chowdhury completed the RUSA sponsored refresher course on ‘Democracy, Development and Digital Age’ organised by the HRDC, University of Mumbai from 29 May, 2019 to 12 June, 2019.
  • Ms. Suchitra Roychowdhury published a paper titled ‘To study the effect of encoding and relevance of pictures on memory’ in European Journal of Business and Social Sciences ( EJBSS) Vol 7 April, Issue- April 2019.
  • Ms. Suchitra RoyChowdhury attended a multi-disciplinary national Conference on “Positive Footprints: Towards a Healthy Society” organized by Bombay Psychological Association In collaboration with Smt. P. N. Doshi Women's College, Ghatkopar on January 12 & 13, 2018.
  • Ms Suchitra Roychowdhury attended a one-week faculty development program on “Psychometrics Test Construction: Hands on Experience” at COEP, Pune from 18th to 22nd December, 2017.
  • Ms. Suchitra Roy Chowdhury presented a paper on “Relationship between sense of control and personal growth initiative” in an ICSSR sponsored International Conference on “Holistic Health And Well-Being” at Veer Wajekar College, Uran in September, 2018.

Ms. Khushali Adhiya-Shah

  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah presented a paper titled “Meaningful work and Quality of Life of College Teachers”, at the 23 rd International and 54 th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP) organized by the University of Kurukshetra from the 14-16 February, 2019.
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah presented the research project findings on “Contemporary Factors in Women’s Livelihood Across Cultures: A Psycho-social Investigation”, along with TYBA students at the Two-Day National Conference on Reweaving Terra Mater: Women, Ecology and Livelihood organized by the Faculty of Arts, Mithibai College on 11-12 January, 2019.
  • Ms. Khushali Adhiya-Shah was invited to facilitate a workshop on stress management at the FDP program organised at the Malini Kishor Sanghvi College, Mumbai on 31st January, 2019.
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah presented a research paper titled “Role of personality in the purpose-in-life, social intelligence and self-compassion among adolescents” at the 8th InSPA International Conference on School Psychology organised by Andhra University in Vishakhapatnam from 11-13th October, 2018. 
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah received the Diploma certification in Transactional Analysis from SAATA in September, 2018. She received a score of 95 (out of 100) in her certification exams. 
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah published an article titled “ The culture I grew up in & the one I now choose” in The South Asian Journal of Transactional Analysis, Volume 4, Issue no.2, July 2018 edition, pgs. 48-57. 
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah published a research paper titled " Personality, Stress and Coping in Indian Adolescents: A Correlation Model" in the Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 8 (4) in March 2018. 
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah attended the National Conference on 'Psychosocial Adjustability & Mental Health in India' organized by L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce on 2 & 3rd February, 2018.
  • Ms. Khushali Adhiya-Shah attended a one-day workshop on "ROLE OF INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE IN PREVENTION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN? organized by Nagindas Khandwala College in collaboration with the Maharashtra State Commission for Women on 5 January, 2018. 
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah participated in the Faculty Development Program - “Research Methodology and Data Analysis using Advanced Excel” conducted by UPG College of Management on 12 & 13 December, 2017. 
  • Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah published a review article titled “Book Review: The Will to Meaning: Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy” authored by Dr.Viktor Frankl in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, Volume 8 on 6 December, 2017
  • Ms. Khushali Adhiya-Shah has been appointed as visiting faculty for MA Psychology (Part II) for the subject--- Consumer Psychology & Personality from July, 2017  

Ms. Karen Almeida

  • Recipient of the UGC National Entrance Test Junior Research Fellowship (Psychology)

  • Kaylin Margolis (TYBA Psychology) won the Gold in female flyweight category and ProAmateur K1 champion in Kickboxing at the Bodypower India 2019. She also secured 2 wins for team Mumbai Dons at the Gwalior Amateur Fight Champions League. 
  • Harshita Agrawal, Stuti Thakkar & Vaishnavi Desai (TYBA Psychology) won the third place in the event ‘Psychsurprise’ at the Jai Hind College fest PsychInsight 2019.
  • Aishwarya Ashar and Khushi Munver (SYBA Psychology) won the first prize in the event ‘Corporate Chaos’ at the D.G.Ruparel College festival Psynergy 2019.
  • 8 SYBA and 15 TYBA students of Psychology attended the Two Day National Conference on Psychology for Health, Happiness and Humanity organized by the Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Vashi on 22 and 23rd February, 2019. Group representations of the two TYBA groups also presented their research project findings at the conference. 
  • 9 SYBA students of Psychology participated in Psychedelia, the Vivekanand College Fest on 20 & 21st February, 2019.
  • TYBA Psychology students Sanaea Buhariwala, Arima Bhatnagar and Jessika Baria contributed and presented the research project findings on  “Contemporary Factors in Women’s Livelihood Across Cultures: A Psycho-social Investigation”, at the Two-Day National Conference on Reweaving Terra Mater: Women, Ecology and Livelihood organized by the Faculty of Arts, Mithibai College on 11-12 January, 2019.
  • T.Y.B.A (Psychology) students - Ms. Fatima Tejani & Ms. Nidah Merchant under the guidance of faculty Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah, published their research paper titled “A STUDY ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE AS COPING MECHANISMS IN INDIAN COLLEGE STUDENTS”  in the Indian Journal of Mental Health. [ISSN Number: Print ISSN – 2394-4579; Online ISSN – 2394-6652]
  • They also presented the research findings in the National Conference on 'Psychosocial Adjustability & Mental Health in India' organized by L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce on 2 & 3rd February, 2018.
  • S.Y.B.A (Psychology) students - Ms. Arima Bhatnagar, Ms. Sanaea Buhariwala and Ms. Jessika Baria, under the guidance of faculty Mrs. Khushali Adhiya-Shah, won the 1st prize in the poster presentation of their research findings in their research on "Pursuit of Happiness: Relationship between practice of Religious Rituals and Personal Well Being"  at the  National Conference on 'Psychosocial Adjustability & Mental Health in India' organized by L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce on 2 & 3rd February, 2018.
  • Students from the first, second, and third year attended a multi-disciplinary national Conference on “Positive Footprints : Towards a Healthy Society” organized by Bombay Psychological Association In collaboration with Smt. P. N. Doshi Women's College, Ghatkopar on January 12 & 13, 2018.
  • Students from first, second, and third year attended  a talk on “Developmental Neuroscience” at Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, Mumbai on 20th January, 2018.
  • T.Y.B.A. Psychology students who had 100% attendance in Semester V (2017-18) were felicitated by the Principal.
  • T.Y.B.A. Psychology students bagged first position in “Psyc Surprise” and “Role Play” competitions in the Inter-Collegiate Psych fest(PSYCINSIGHT) of Jai Hind College held on 25th December, 2017
  • Effective assimilation and application of concepts.
  • Overall development of skills in the world of work.
  • Lay the foundations for higher studies in Psychology
  • Foster interest in psychology as a field of study and research.
  • To establish national and international linkage through cross-cultural and collaborative research.
  • To enhance the collection of books and journals.
  • To enhance growth and application of the principles of psychology in personal life.
A 16-hour skill enhancement course, titled ‘Workshop for Personal & Professional Skills Enhancement through Creative Arts’ was organized by the Department of Psychology in collaboration with Lighthouse Center for Arts in Therapy and Guidance & Care Foundation. The workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Zill Botadkar and Ms. Bhavisha Sanadhya, experienced and reputed Art Based
Therapists and Educators. Across four sessions in the month of January, 35 Third Year Psychology students were familiarized with various forms of artistic expression (viz. music, dance, visual arts, play) and its effectiveness in fostering a deeper understanding of self and others. In addition, they were trained in the skills of observation, listening, mindfulness and compassion through this artistic format. Student group presentations on the application of the course content to the needs and issues of various target groups (viz. adolescents, children with special needs, elderly) along with constructive feedback from the facilitators, helped the students generalize what they had learnt to the real world setting.
Session on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
A session discussing the concern and prevention of child sexual abuse was conducted in collaboration with the Muktha Foundation (Bangalore) for the SYBA and TYBA students of Psychology on 16 February. This was conducted to supplement the learning of the POCSO ACT (2012) in the curriculum of SY and TYBA psychology.
The session was facilitated by Ms. Ashwini N.S. who emphasized the importance of going beyond the realm of ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ as abuse does not always start with ‘touch’. S.A.F.E.T.Y.R.U.L.E.S is a model devised by the foundation which she explained in great detail where each letter stands for a specific caution. She talked about the various kinds of sexual abusers, especially opportunistic abusers and preferential abusers and how they function. She spoke great lengths about how children engage in non-verbal behaviours when they’ve been abused and spoke of the common behaviours or warning signs children engage in.
Ms Ashwini gave our students an outline on how to confront the child if they’re displaying these signs. She spoke from experience and research as she addressed the students on acts such as POCSO and its implications. The session was interactive and informative.
Mind Labyrinth 2019
The annual intercollegiate festival of the Department of Psychology was conducted on 24-25 January, 2019. The festival this year followed the theme ‘Reality Check: Awareless to Awareness’, which focused on busting myths and misperceptions about psychology, mental illnesses and social concerns such as discrimination. The fest, organized by the TYBA Psychology students offered several exciting games, intercollegiate competitions, a workshop and a panel discussion, all revolving around the theme. Several colleges across the city participated in the two-day festival, which was inaugurated by a department alumnus, Ms. Leena Prabhoo.
A workshop titled ‘A mine called Mind – CBT in Application’ was organized which aimed at bringing an awareness in the faulty and distorted thought processes through the techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Saloni Hemani; through the medium of activities and interaction, she helped the young participants explore how their faulty thought patterns often result in feeling low and upset and angry and thereby how, a change in our thought processes can help one live in a more healthy way.
The flagship event of this year’s festival was the panel discussion titled ‘Glamorization and Discrimination Unplugged’. While the workshop focused on individual thoughts’ polarization, this panel discussion explored the polarized thought and behavior patterns in the society at large. It addressed the concern of glamorization and romanticization of mental illnesses to the extent of resulting in life-threatening situations on one hand, while the discrimination of the LGBTQ, and more specifically the transgender community on the other hand. Panellists for the glamorization phase included a clinical psychologist Ms. Anastasia Dedhia, a psychiatrist Dr. Pavan Sonar, a school counselor Mr. Cyril George and a therapist Ms. Gopa Khan. The panelists of the discrimination phase included three transgender social activitists – Dr. Yoga Nambiar (social activist and performing artist), Mx. Mansi Tripathi and Mx. Vicky Shinde who shared slices of their own journey as transgenders, their experiences along with the amazing work they engage into to empower and protect their community. The panel was enriched by the experiences of Ms. Naseem Kachwala, a counselor who has also worked in the area of transgenders. This panel discussion was appreciated by principal Dr. Rajpal Shripat Hande as well.
Intercollegiate events – Muses of the Mind (poetry slam) and Lights, Camera, Awareness (film making contest) also added to the aim of introducing awareness. The exciting games and food stalls also contributed to the success of the festival which received an overwhelming response and positive feedback from all participants and visitors.
The annual intercollegiate Psychfest of the Department of Psychology, SVKM’s Mithibai College of Arts, Science & Commerce was conducted on 24-25th January, 2018. This year the festival embraced the topic “Emotional Hygiene: Deconstruct to Construct”, which focussed on acknowledging and cleansing of our emotions on a daily basis, just as we practice physical hygiene. The fest, organized by the TYBA psychology students, offered several exciting games, intercollegiate competitions, seminars and workshops, all revolving around the theme. Over 20 colleges across the city participated in the two day festival, which was inaugurated by Dr. Harish Shetty.
Two seminars and two workshops were organized during the festival. The first seminar was on the topic “Master your Emotions” which was facilitated by Dr. Anjali Chhabria. Through an interactive session, she helped the audience explore how emotions are experienced, labelled, how they drive our behaviour and thereby, how they can be managed to live effectively. The second seminar was on the topic “Vulnerability is Strength”, facilitated by Ms. Deepti Makhija. Walking through the various emotional experiences shared by the student audience, she explained how our vulnerable emotions can be used to challenge ourselves and how they in turn empower us, making that vulnerability a strength.
The two workshops were ABCD and Pawfect Therapy. The first one, ABCD- Anybody Can Dare, Come Dare To Be You – focussed on sharing the know-hows of Dance and Movement Therapy. Facilitated by Dance & Movement Therapist Ms. Kshitija Suryavanshi, the workshop created a space and offered insights to the audience to experience how emotions express themselves in some form of movement in our bodies and how these movements can help us create an awareness of our emotions. We can watch our emotions and explore what they mean to us. Thereafter, we can also some movements to help us feel lighter, acknowledge ourselves and our relations and thereby experience emotionally hygiene.
The second workshop – Pawfect Therapy- focussed on sharing the idea of animal-assisted therapy to the students. It was facilitated by the Animal Angels Foundation - Ms. Radhika Nair, Ms. Foram and Ms. Deepika along with their therapy dog Lilo. The team explained the meaning and benefits of animal-assisted therapy and how it is conducted with the presence of a therapy animal. The presence of the therapy dog Lilo facilitated the audience’s understanding of such a therapy, and its utility in healing clients dealing with several concerns such as mental challenges, trauma, etc.
The festival this year received an overwhelming response and positive feedback for all the events and games.

SWASHODH 2018-19
SWASHODH 2018-19 is themed around working on degree college students’ id, ego and superego. A psychoanalyst Ms. Namrata Kandoi has been training the students who were found low on their self-esteem to understand their defences, the gap between their ‘real’ and ‘ídeal’ self and the drives that lie latent in their unconscious. The participants in the two sessions until now have perceived the program very insightful and enlightening. The sessions have helped them reflect on the sources of their behaviour and helped them channelize their impulses and repressed needs.
The outcomes of previous year’s RRC activity allowed the Research Reading Circle (RRC) in 2018-19 to welcome 200 students from FYBA, SYBA and TYBA to read, analyse and learn from scientific research articles in Psychology. Two batches of 100 students each will discuss a new set of six different research articles from the fields of Positive Psychology, Socio-Political Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychotherapy, Clinical-Cognitive Psychology and Applied Industrial Psychology. TYBA students are trained to present the research articles and the group then critically evaluates and discusses the paper in detail.
PROJECT H.O.P.E (Healing Our Peers through Empowerment) 2018-19
Project H.O.P.E is a peer-mentoring training program for the third year students of Psychology. This program was envisioned to deal with increasing and alarming trends of mental challenges such as depression, anxiety, suicides, etc. among college students. This program trains the third year students in the skills of peer mentoring. At the end of the training period, these trained students are titled ‘Confidantes’ or ‘mentors’ who are available for their peers in distress during college hours in the college campus.
The Research Reading Circle (RRC) is an add-on course that encourages and empowers students to read, critically evaluate and apply the concepts of research and theory by reading selected scientific research articles of Psychology. Through the medium of student presentations and group discussions, six empirical research papers from six different fields of Psychology, and employing six different research methodologies and statistical analyses were discussed. 100 students of TYBA and SYBA Psychology registered for the 2017-18 program and discussed papers from the fields of Industrial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Community Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Positive Psychology.
  • The department screened the movie “15 Park Avenue” for the third year Psychology students on 18th January, 2018 to enhance students’ understanding of the mental disorders specifically, schizophrenia.
  • The department screened the movie “Doctor Strange” for the second year students of Psychology in July, 2018. 
  • The department invited Ms. Delshad Kalantry to speak to the current third year psychology students on “Preparing to apply to Universities in Australia for higher studies in psychology” on 30th January, 2018.
  • The Department of Psychology in collaboration with the SISTER LIVING WORKS organized an event as a part of H.O.P.E. project on the International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and the family members of individuals who attempted suicide were invited to talk to the H.O.P.E. volunteers at Juhu Jagruti Auditorium in 2017.
  • Ms. Heta, an alumnus was invited to speak to current T.Y.B.A. Psychology batch on “Future Prospects of Education and Careers in Psychology” in 2017.
  • The Department organized the second Parent-Teacher Meet on the 23rd of Sept., 2017 between 10.00a.m. and 12.00 p.m. Ms. Khevna Desai was also invited to address the parents on “Gender Sensitivity”.
  • The department arranged a field visit to Kokilaben Hospital, Andheri for the third year psychology students to observe the neuro-imaging techniques like PET scans, MRI, FMRI.. on 22nd August, 2017. The visit was also coupled by a lecture by the vising psychiatrist Dr. Shaunak on “Changes in the brain in Organic and Mental Disorders”.
  • Students of Psychology, Ms. Tasneem Dhani & Ms. Hetvi presented the Mental Health Care Bill, 2016 and Ms. Labdhi Doshi & Ms. Rajvi Doshi presented the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act in class in order to address the awareness of the Indian laws & ethical guidelines in Counseling & Mental Health Care Services in general.
  • Mrs. Khushali  Adhiya Shah conducted a group book review discussion on "Man's Search For Meaning" authored by Victor Frankl for the TYBA Psychology students. The objective of the activity was to increase the understanding of the Logotherapy, and help students get an experience of Bibliotherapy and Group Counseling. The group discussed the central themes of the book, the theory and techniques of logotherapy, the roles and goals of logotherapist as well the lessons learnt and experienced during the process of reading the book. At the end of the session the participants expressed their insights derived, reflected on the meaning of their own lives, and thought about the applicability of the concepts to their personal and academic lives
  • Ms. June Desai was invited to engage a lecture on “Leadership Styles” on 13th February, 2017 for the TYBA Psychology students. Students found the lecture very engaging and interesting.
SWASHODH 2017-18
The department initiated H.O.P.E (Healing Our Peers through Empowerment) project under SWASHODH as a peer-mentoring program. Students of TYBA and M.A. Psychology were trained by a psychotherapist Ms. Dipti Makhija as mentors to help the mentees (degree college students) to deal with their personal and academic problems. The training sessions touched upon issues like ethics in mentoring, listening skills, boundaries of the mentors, language used by mentors, use of ‘touch’ during mentoring, etc. Though the program did not manage to reach a sizeable population but the mentors felt that the training benefitted immensely in terms of their ability to connect to people, non-judgemental acceptance of people and imbibed in virtues of tolerance, patience and resilience