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Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
  • Introduction
  • Staff Members
  • Activities
  • Staff Achievements
  • Students Achievements
  • Striking Features
The department of philosophy in Mithibai College came into existence in 1961. Prof. Ankush Sawant an eminent scholar and research guide is credited for laying the foundation and inaugurating this department, when the subject was still in its nascent stage. From then on this department has only grown to become one of the most coveted departments of the college.

Almost every year this department acquires laurels by intermittently producing university rank holders. The credit goes to the innovative methods and modern approach of teaching which are student centered. The teachers are constantly devising interesting tools such as presentations, screening socially relevant films, field trips, assignments etc. to make philosophy relevant to the current needs. Students of philosophy are exposed to various sensitive and relevant issues of our society. The field trips organized for our students enhance better interaction among students themselves as well as between students and teachers.

The department has three faculty members who are completely qualified and dedicated to their job. This is seen in their interactions with the students within and outside classrooms. The department organizes two workshops for the students in the field of yoga during an academic year. This helps students to increase their concentration level and make them aware of the practical purposes of yoga. Kudos to the philosophy department for grooming and nurturing students who learn to apply their class room teaching to their day to day life and who will be able to contribute to the welfare of the society with confidence by becoming socially aware citizens.
  • Dipesh UpadhyayDipesh UpadhyayAssistant Professor
  • Deepa JaydevDeepa JaydevAssistant Professor
  • Dipesh UpadhyayDipesh UpadhyayAssistant Professor
  • Deepa JaydevDeepa JaydevAssistant Professor
The Department of Philosophy called the Ex- Students who were excellent performers last year on 7th July 2016. The Ex- Students and current students interacted with each other. The Ex- Students provided motivation, guidance and methodology of how to prepare and excel at the graduate level. They also provided information about the career options after graduation.
The Department of Philosophy showcased the movie ‘Rann’ on 14th July 2016. The movie deals with the influence of the media and exposes the unethical practices within this important pillar of democracy. A discussion with the students followed about the general ethical principles that the media ought to follow.
The Department of Philosophy organised a Yoga workshop and Guru- Purnima on 19th July 2016. Yoga practice is an integral part of the T.Y.B.A syllabus. Along with the Yoga workshop the students also celebrated the Guru- Purnima festival. 
  • Screening of films for the students of TYBA which deal with a wide range of issues like child prostitution, life in red light areas and hope for sex worker`s children, Environmental issues, depletion of resources etc.
  • Organising lectures by experts and alumni students for TYBA students on subjects like bhagvad gita, bhagvatam, Yoga, health, personality development etc.
  • Organising a one day workshop on Yoga for the TYBA students in the college, by Ms. Namrata Sharma, who gives an insight about the various aspects of exercise, food and health.
  • The department organised the screening of five short films . The film of McDonalds showed the effect of fastfood on our digestive system..The film of reincarnation analysed the actual case of World War II pilot that reinforced that rebirth is not merely a myth but has verifiable proof.
  • Organising visits to the Yoga institute for a one day camp for the students of TYBA which enabled them to have practical knowledge of Yoga philosophy.
  • The comparative religion students of SYBA are taken on an excursion to various places of worship within the city.
  • The Dept. organised an educational visit to the various places of worship in Mumbai . The students studying comparative Religion get an actual idea of the various modes of worship followed by various Religion.
  • The Dept. organised a one day workshop of Yoga at Santa Cruz . The students studying Yoga paper at the T.Y.B.A get an exposure to the actual practices of Asana & Pranayama along with the health & mental concentration associated with it.
  • The Dept. organised a guest lecture by Mr.Bihag Lalaji on IITian and Ex-Vice Chairman Ambuja Cement on the Kundalini Yoga and the importance of chakras in our body. The lecture was well received with questions and active interaction with the guest.
  • The Dept. organised a guest lecture by Mr.Bihag Lalaji on IITian and Ex-Vice Chairman Ambuja Cement . The topic was ‘The Happy Path of Success’ where the guest explained how character and competence can go together. Wealth, success & happiness go hand in hand. Students who are in T.Y.B.A and on the threshold of entering the outside world received valuable guidance.

Dipesh Upadhyay

  • Dr.Dipesh Upadhyay completed his PhD in February 2015 on the subject of Meditative techniques..
  • Presented a paper entitled “J. Krishnamurti’s views on Education” at Manshodhan-IV held on 14/12/13 in Mithibai College. 
  • Member of syllabus framing committee for TYBA syllabus.
  • Presented papers at workshop and committees.
  • Certified yoga teacher

Deepa Jaydev

  • Won the First Prize for the paper presented at Manshodhan-IV held on 14/12/13 at Mithibai College.  
  • Presented papers at seminars and conferences
  • Completed level one of  hypnosis.

Almost every year this department acquires laurels by intermittently producing university rank holders.
The department had 2 rank holders in the year 2012 – 2013.
  • Dwiti Shah – 2nd Rank - 79%
  • Pratiksha Bisht – 3rd Rank - 78%
The Department produces University Rank's almost every year.