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Department of Environmental Studies
  • Introduction
  • Staff Members
  • Striking Features
  • Staff Achievements
  • Activities
  • Students Achievements
The Department of  Environmental Studies was established in June 1980. The department imparts value based training in Environmental Studies and Travel and Tourism.
The department aims to
  • Create in students a better comprehension of the environment and environmental problems
  • Impress on their minds the need to practice eco-friendly living and aim for sustainable development
  • Generate in them an empathy for the environment
  • Impart to the students education that is truly value based
  • Motivate them to acquire professional training for better career prospects
  • Turn them into responsible citizens of the globe

  • Dr. Sunita MaralDr. Sunita MaralAssistant Professor
  • Dr. Pradip SaymoteDr. Pradip SaymoteAssistant Professor
  • Dr. Sunita MaralDr. Sunita MaralAssistant Professor
  • Dr. Pradip SaymoteDr. Pradip SaymoteAssistant Professor
Geography Association is run by the department which organizes various activities like guest lectures, nature trail, field trips, poster making competitions, quiz competitions and exhibitions etc.

Dr.(Ms.) Sunita Maral

  • Co-authored a textbook of Environmental Studies – II for F.Y.B.Com (ISBN No 978-93-86172-95-2)
  • Recognized as a teacher of the University for the M.A. Degree (By papers) in Geography with effect from 14th July, 2016.

Dr. Pradip Saymote

  • Presented a paper on ‘Impact of Environment on Health Services of Mandangad Tahsil of Ratnagiri’ in National Conference on Advances in Geographical Research in India (Agri – 2017) held on 30th and 31st January 2017 at Dept. of Geography, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • Published a paper  titled “Geographical Appraisal of Family Background and Standard of Living of Female Beedi Workers in Solapur District” in Proceedings of Inernational disciplinary Seminar(ISBN No: 978-81-927095-5-0 Vol. 1) on the theme ‘Geographical and Historical Perspective of Global Problems’ at D.P. Bhosale College, Koregaon, Satara Appointed as a member of syllabus committee for framing syllabus of M.A./M.Sc. (Sem III& IV) Introduction to using Python from the academic year 2017-18 (CBSCS) Pattern.

Report of the Nature Trail organized by the Geography Association in 2018-19

The Geography Association organized a trek along ‘Upper Kanheri trail’ in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on Sunday, 22nd July 2016. Thirty students of Degree College and two teachers participated in the trek.
  • Neha Tiwari a student of F.Y.B.Com won third prize in ‘Power Point Presentation Competition’ on Smart Cities-Smart Solutions’ held in Jhunjhunwala College in February 2017. She was guided by the teachers of the EVS Dept. - Dr. Sunita Maral and Dr. Pradip Saymote