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Department of Accountancy
Department of Accountancy
  • Introduction
  • Staff Members
  • Striking Features
  • Departmental Actvities
  • Staff Achievements
The Department of Accountancy was established in the year 1980. 6 Faculties are Chartered Accountants. Presently, the subject of Accountancy is taught in all three years of undergraduate commerce degree course with an additional applied component paper at the third year level.   

  • To train and equip students with basic tools of economic analysis, making them aware of present national and global economic conditions.
  • The course taught by the department forms the base for application in management studies.
  • Spreading knowledge on a professional level
  • Creating worthy professional and entrepreneurs
  • Inculcating professional values and technical skills in the field of Accountancy & Finance
  • Mahendra Kumar JainMahendra Kumar JainAssociate Professor
    Head of the Department
  • Tejesh GandhiTejesh GandhiAssociate Professor
  • Rakhi MadnaniRakhi MadnaniAssistant Professor
  • Pankaj KatariaPankaj KatariaAssistant Professor
  • Mahendra Kumar JainMahendra Kumar JainAssociate Professor
    Head of the Department
  • Tejesh GandhiTejesh GandhiAssociate Professor
  • Rakhi MadnaniRakhi MadnaniAssistant Professor
  • Pankaj KatariaPankaj KatariaAssistant Professor
  • Perfect blend of experienced and young faculty. 
  • Professional Chartered Accountant heading the department,thus providing practical inputs with conceptual understanding.
  • Inspiring students to take up professional courses and guiding them for career planning.
  • Facilitating students to take up Practical Training / Articleship.
  • Various workshops are organised on current topics to prepare students employable.
Accountancy is a constantly evolving subject and the various Accountancy Standards, which are designed to the guide the Practitioner in the matter of recognition and measurement of cost and expenses and the disclosures of the material facts and having a bearing on a proper evaluation of Financial statements, too are evolving and are being adapted to keep pace with changing business and economic environment, tax laws, etc.

The following Workshops & Seminars have been conducted over the years
  • Workshops on Accounting Concepts and Conventions.
  • Seminar on various Accounting Standards like AS-1 / AS-2 / AS-3 / AS-9 / AS-11 and others
  • Discussion on International Financial Reporting Standards 
  • Project on impact on Revised Schedule VI on the Accounts of Companies

Measures taken for staff improvement
  • Regular monthly meetings held where different papers are read.
  • Support of past students, ex-members & technical experts taken.
  • Attending lectures by other members followed by healthy discussion in the departmental meetings to ensure synchronized syllabus coverage.
  • As a measure of building Social Inter Personal Relationships, family picnic is held once every year for members and their families.
  • Also families meeting of the members are held regularly.
  • Discussion on an ongoing basis on problems arising consequent upon harmonization of Indian Accounting Standards with International Accounting Standards with particular emphasis on applicability with reference to class room teaching.
  • Discussion on statute amendments & their impact on course ware on a regular basis.
  • For harmonious and better understanding, family get-together of our Department.
  • Encouraging participation in various seminars / workshops / Faculty Development Programs conducted by UGC & various Professional Bodies.
  • Assessment of past performance of students and, if required, to take remedial measures to correct any anomalies in their comprehension.
  • Discussion of contemporary issues like latest audited results of companies and deciding which ones must be discussed in the classroom.
  • Dissemination of any key ideas read by any faculty member in books/journals.
  • Critical evaluation of student’s feedback and decide the measures to be taken to address their concerns.


  • Most of the faculty members attended various seminars,workshops and study circle meetings conducted by professional bodies like ICAI ,ICSI ,BCAS ,CITCAIFTC  etc for continuous   upgrading knowledge and skill. 
  • Mumbai University has appointed our faculty members as LIC members for various colleges to decide their affiliation 
  • Faculty members are appointed by various colleges as Expert Guest lecturer for their PIP(Performance Improvement Program)    
  • Prof.CA.M.R.Jain has advised and assisted in the formation of Mithibai College Employees Credit Co-operative Society . He is regular speaker in various forums of ICAI.

  • He is actively associated with various social and charitable organizations, contributing in the field of education, relief to poor and needy